1. Terms of Reference
a. The term “exhibitor” shall include all employees, servants and agents of any individual company partnership firm or organization that have applied for space in GOPIO INTERNATIONAL EXPO & BUSINESS SUMMIT 2023 to exhibit.
b. The term “organiser” shall refer to GOPIO INTERNATIONAL EXPO & BUSINESS SUMMIT 2023.

2. Contract of Participation
a. All application and registration for participation shall be made on the prescribed “Participation & Contract” form and to be submitted to the organiser or the officially appointed representative (s).
b. The contract shall be established when exhibitors submit the duly signed contract for participation form and approved and signed by the organiser. However, the organiser reserves the right to defer or refuse the acceptance of an application in the event that the space is not available or the announced exhibits are considered by the organizers not germane to the theme of GOPIO INTERNATIONAL EXPO & BUSINESS SUMMIT 2023.

3. Allocation of exhibit space
a. The organiser shall allocate the exhibit space in accordance with the order of the application, the size of the space applied for, the nature of exhibits or in the manner the organiser deems fit.
b. The organizer shall reserve the right to change the location and/or the size allocated to the exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the exhibition under exceptional circumstances and the exhibitor shall have no claim for compensation as a result of these changes.

4. Use of exhibitors space

a. The exhibitor is bound to exhibit the announced exhibits and to man the exhibits with competent personnel during the entire period of the exhibition. All activities of the exhibitors must be conducted within 2 meters of individual exhibitor’s booth space parameter.

b. All exhibits must be in accordance with the description on the application form and show relevance to the theme of the exhibition.

c. Exhibitors must present their exhibits throughout the period of the exhibition. Exhibitors are
not allowed to remove their exhibits from the exhibition premises prior to the official closure of the exhibition.
d. Modifications including decorations such as painting of the floor, ceiling and pillars are not permitted. Should there be such modifications to the exhibition site; the exhibitor shall compensate the organizer.

5. Opening ceremony

a. All build-up work or decoration or modification work shall be done on 30th November 2023 and in the morning on the 1st December 2023. No build-up work or decoration or modification
work shall be done during the opening ceremony.

b. All exhibitors are requested to send their representative (s) for the opening ceremony.

c. Work-in-progress can only be resumed after the opening ceremony at a specified time frame instructed by the organiser.

6. Terms of payment and validity of contract

a. 50% of the total booth price shall be paid upon submission of the application form to the organiser and the balance shall be by 30th October, 2023. The contract will be considered legally null and void in the event full payment is not received as stipulated above.

b. The exhibitor shall bear all relevant finance/bank charges pertaining to the payment made to the organizer.

c. All payments shall be made payable to: GOPIO Malaysia
Account No:8000191262
Bank: CIMB Bank

7. Breach of contract or withdrawal by exhibitor

a. In the event of abandonment or partial abandonment or rejection of the allocated space, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the exhibitor’s application, in which case the participation fees shall not be refunded.

b. The 50% deposit paid upon application shall not be refunded if the application for cancellation is done 30 days prior to the event.

c. Full forfeiture of the payment will be executed for cancellation done less than 20 days prior to the event.

8. Cancellation and changes to the exhibition

a. In the event the organiser cancels the exhibition, the participation fee paid shall be refunded in full.
b. Should the cancellation of the event be caused by unforeseen circumstances (force majeure); the participation fee will not be refunded.
c. The organiser reserves the right to change the venue and duration of the exhibition due to unforeseen circumstances (force majeure). In such a situation, the participation fee will not be refunded and the exhibitors shall have no avenue to seek refund.

9. Construction and decoration of Stand and display
a. All exhibitors must complete their construction and decoration of the booth / bare space and display their exhibits by the date 11:59 p.m. on the 30th of November, 2023.

10. Exhibitors must strictly adhere to the SOPs required by GOPIO INTERNATIONAL EXPO & BUSINESS SUMMIT 2023 at all times. The consequences of any breach of the SOPs shall be borne by the Exhibitors.