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GOPIO is a non-sectarian global organization for the 30 million PIO’s spread around the world in about 100 countries. Through cooperation and communication, GOPIO engages in the PIO’s well being.

The Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin welcomes you to GOPIO’s International network of people of Indian origin (PIO). GOPIO is a global organization with chapters globally such as in UK, USA, Mauritius, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Singapore and etc.

GOPIO was founded at the First Global Convention of People of Indian Origin in New York in 1989. The initial thrust of GOPIO was to globally network the widely spread PIOs in large number of countries. GOPIO has now set its priorities in pooling our resources, both financially and professionally, for the benefit of PIOs and for the countries they come from.

There are over 30 million people of Indian origin (PIO) living outside India. Most of the PIOs have become highly successful in business and profession. When their professional expertise and financial resources are to be pooled together, it will benefit not only people of Indian origin but also their country of residence and India.

GOPIO, the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin visualises the International PIO Community as an organised and dynamic group. The People of Indian Origin (PIOs) are one among the main Diasporas in the world. GOPIO promotes the well being of PIOs with the main objective of enhancing thier socio economic growth in this era of a global village.

GOPIO engages the diaspora through Academic Forums, International Conventions, Local and International Business Delegations, Entrepreneurs Recognition Award and facilitates PIO Scholorships.

We have moved into the second decade of the new millennium. It is a new exciting era of interaction and networking. The dynamics of globalization will impact the social, cultural and economic aspects. Through effective network, the PIOs can face the challenges of the changing world collectively and reap the benefits from economical, educational and cultural activities.

And further, collectively as a Diaspora, the PIOs shall synergize with the huge economic growth of India.

We welcome you to join in this International effort. GOPIO International is focused on facilitating the PIO Diaspora and with India for socio and economic benefits. Further, GOPIO’s global efforts are implemented locally through the relevant PIO sister organizations.

Vision & Mission Statements

What We Stand For

Vision & Mission Statements

What We Stand For

Our Objectives

What We Aim For

To promote the interests and aspirations of the Indian community

To promote the cultural heritage and create a binding relationship

To mobilize financial, intellectual and professional resources of Indians for mutual development and advancement

To encourage interaction between communities to deliberate and decide on common issues and problems

To further interaction between PIOs and other communities in promoting peace, progress and harmony
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